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Louisa Sil­ver­man is a legal assis­tant with Rathod Mohamedb­hai LLC. She grad­u­ated Phi Beta Kappa from Grin­nell Col­lege with an Anthro­pol­ogy major and a Lin­guis­tics con­cen­tra­tion. At Grin­nell, she served on the Peace and Con­flict Stud­ies Com­mit­tee where she orga­nized a stu­dent panel inter­view­ing Grin­nell stu­dents who grew up in zones of con­flict or war­fare. Human rights became the core of Louisa’s stud­ies at Grin­nell Col­lege, focus­ing on the anthro­pol­ogy of human rights and the soci­olin­guis­tic impacts of migration.

Louisa is espe­cially inter­ested in immi­gra­tion rights. In 2014, she worked with El Insti­tuto Católico de Migrantes and El Cen­tro Inte­grado de Aten­ción al Migrante in San­ti­ago, Chile where she advo­cated for the rights of immi­grants enter­ing the coun­try to attain reli­able jobs and hous­ing. In 2015, Louisa worked with Lati­nos Al Exito in Iowa, a non-profit orga­ni­za­tion that pro­vides Latino youth with resources to pur­sue higher edu­ca­tion. There, she orga­nized a series of Spanish-language par­ent work­shops about the col­lege appli­ca­tion process in seven sites through­out Iowa. In the future, Louisa plans to study inter­na­tional law.