Workplace Violence

Even though the major­ity of employ­ers in Col­orado have a zero-tolerance pol­icy against work­place vio­lence, often­times these vic­tims suf­fer egre­gious retal­i­a­tion. Employ­ees who are the vic­tims of work­place vio­lence or who report work­place vio­lence are often wrong­fully ter­mi­nated. In Col­orado, there are no direct legal pro­tec­tions for those who suf­fer retal­i­a­tion or wrong­ful ter­mi­na­tion for hav­ing expe­ri­enced or reported work­place vio­lence. Con­sid­er­a­tion must be given to the Work­ers’ Com­pen­sa­tion Act, which may pro­vide exclu­sive reme­dies for employ­ees who have been injured as a result of work­place vio­lence. Poten­tial claims for neg­li­gent reten­tion, hir­ing, and super­vi­sion must be care­fully exam­ined to ensure that the work­place vio­lence was nei­ther pre­dictable nor foreseeable.

 Lawyers Pro­tect­ing Employ­ees and Vic­tims of Work­place Violence

At Rathod | Mohamedb­hai LLC, our lawyers have suc­cess­fully rep­re­sented many mem­bers of the com­mu­nity after they suf­fered retal­i­a­tion or wrong­ful ter­mi­na­tion after becom­ing the unfor­tu­nate vic­tims of work­place vio­lence or report­ing a crime. On Octo­ber 7, 2009, Gov­er­nor Bill Rit­ter, Jr. issued an Exec­u­tive Order stat­ing in rel­e­vant part that “[w]orkplace vio­lence, includ­ing domes­tic vio­lence that affects the work­place, is a seri­ous pub­lic health, safety, and pol­icy con­cern of the State of Col­orado. Domes­tic vio­lence can have a sig­nif­i­cant impact on work­place safety…” Octo­ber 7, 2009 Exec­u­tive Order. On August 13, 1996, Gov­er­nor Roy Romer issued an Exec­u­tive Order acknowl­edg­ing that “the inci­dence and preva­lence of work­place vio­lence have increased in recent years…” August 13, 1996 Exec­u­tive Order. Based on pub­lic pol­icy as reflected in these Exec­u­tive Orders, our clients have suc­cess­fully brought claims of wrong­ful dis­charge in vio­la­tion of pub­lic pol­icy after being vic­tim­ized by work­place violence.

Work­place Vio­lence Law

At Rathod | Mohamedb­hai LLC, we have exten­sive expe­ri­ence pro­tect­ing our clients when they are the vic­tims of work­place vio­lence or report crimes. Pur­suant to pub­lic pol­icy excep­tions to the at-will employ­ment doc­trine, an employee may be able to recover dam­ages for adverse employ­ment actions result­ing from report­ing work­place vio­lence. This law firm will ensure that your employer is held account­able when it retal­i­ates or wrong­fully ter­mi­nates your employ­ment when you report or are the vic­tim of work­place vio­lence. We serve clients in Den­ver, Boul­der, and sur­round­ing com­mu­ni­ties in Col­orado and Wyoming.