Whistleblower and Employment Discrimination

Whistle­blow­ers — those who report fraud and other ille­gal activ­i­ties within com­pa­nies, state agen­cies and gov­ern­ment orga­ni­za­tions — are granted many pro­tec­tions under fed­eral and state laws. At Rathod | Mohamedb­hai LLC, we use our under­stand­ing of these laws to help you come for­ward, pro­tect your rep­u­ta­tion and avoid employer retaliation.

We are a team of zeal­ous employ­ment law advo­cates with a vast amount of court­room expe­ri­ence. We are trial lawyers who pro­tect the rights of our clients in fed­eral court. Our selec­tive case­load allows us to give our full atten­tion to each client and his or her par­tic­u­lar needs. When you are ready to stand up against fraud and ille­gal activ­ity, let our team stand up for you.

Whistle­blower Attorneys

Through a claim known as a qui tam suit, whistle­blow­ers can expose com­pa­nies who engage in prac­tices that defraud the gov­ern­ment, such as:

  • Waste­ful or ille­git­i­mate spending
  • Defense con­trac­tor fraud
  • Over­billing the government
  • False cer­ti­fi­ca­tion of com­pli­ance with envi­ron­men­tal regulations
  • Mis­use of gov­ern­men­tal resources and property
  • Improper or ille­gal activ­ity by state employ­ees or government
  • Labor law and wage and hour violations

Whistle­blow­ers who expose these and other fraud­u­lent activ­i­ties are pro­tected from retal­i­a­tion by the fed­eral False Claims Act. Our com­pre­hen­sive whistle­blower rep­re­sen­ta­tion ensures that you have an advo­cate to pro­tect you in these sit­u­a­tions after you have done the right thing and exposed ille­gal actions.

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