Criminal Defense

Rathod | Mohamedb­hai LLC com­pas­sion­ately and com­pre­hen­sively pro­tect the rights of indi­vid­u­als charged with crimes. We under­stand the feel­ing of help­less­ness and vio­la­tion that comes with the gov­ern­ment accus­ing indi­vid­u­als of crimes. When accused of a crime you need crim­i­nal defense lawyers who will fight for you; who have han­dled thou­sands of crim­i­nal cases; and are famil­iar with the court sys­tems, the judges, and the pros­e­cut­ing attor­neys. No indi­vid­ual should ever feel pres­sured to plead guilty, espe­cially by his or her attor­ney. At Rathod | Mohamedb­hai LLC we aggres­sively fight to even the field and ensure all your con­sti­tu­tional rights are strictly fol­lowed and honored.

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Crim­i­nal Defense Attor­neys Pro­tect­ing Your Rights at Every Stage of Your Case

In exclu­sively rep­re­sent­ing indi­vid­u­als, we have suc­cess­fully defended against thou­sands of crim­i­nal charges, including:

  • Homi­cide
  • Iden­tity Theft
  • Inde­cent Exposure
  • Inter­net Crimes
  • Kid­nap­ping
  • Men­ac­ing
  • Obstruct­ing a Police Officer
  • Obstruc­tion of Justice
  • Explo­sive or Incen­di­ary Devices
  • Pro­ba­tion Violations
  • Pros­ti­tu­tion / Escort Services
  • Rack­e­teer­ing
  • Reck­less and Car­less Driving
  • Reck­less Endangerment
  • Resist­ing Arrest
  • Restrain­ing Orders
  • Rob­bery
  • Seal­ing Crim­i­nal Records
  • Sex Offenses
  • Shoplift­ing
  • Stalk­ing
  • Tam­per­ing
  • Theft
  • Traf­fic Offenses
  • Tres­pass
  • Vehic­u­lar Assault
  • Vehic­u­lar Homicide
  • Vio­la­tion of Bail Bond Conditions
  • Weapon Offenses
  • White Col­lar Crimes
  • Wit­ness Intim­i­da­tion and Tampering

In addi­tion to hav­ing han­dled almost every type of crim­i­nal charge, we have also rep­re­sented indi­vid­u­als charged with crimes at every level of court and at all stages of the legal process:

  • Juve­nile Offenses
  • Munic­i­pal Offenses
  • Mis­de­meanors
  • Felonies
  • Fed­eral Offenses
  • Appel­late
  • Pre-File Inves­ti­ga­tions
  • Grand Jury Hearings
  • First and Sec­ond Advisements
  • Bail Bond Hearings
  • Pre­lim­i­nary Hearing
  • Arraign­ment
  • Dis­po­si­tion
  • Motions
  • Pre-Trial Con­fer­ence
  • Bench Tri­als
  • Jury Tri­als
  • Sen­tenc­ing
  • Appeals

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