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Harass­ment occurs when an indi­vid­ual, with intent to harass, annoy, or alarm another per­son, com­mits any of the fol­low­ing acts:

(1) Strikes, shoves, kicks, or oth­er­wise touches a per­son or sub­jects him to phys­i­cal con­tact; or

(2) In a pub­lic place, directs obscene lan­guage or makes an obscene ges­ture to or at another per­son; or

(3) Fol­lows a per­son in or about a pub­lic place; or

(4) Ini­ti­ates com­mu­ni­ca­tion with a per­son, anony­mously or oth­er­wise, by tele­phone, text or instant mes­sage, or com­puter in a man­ner intended to harass or threaten bod­ily injury or prop­erty dam­age, or makes any com­ment, request, sug­ges­tion, or pro­posal by tele­phone, com­puter, com­puter net­work, or com­puter sys­tem that is obscene; or

(5) Makes a tele­phone call or causes a tele­phone to ring repeat­edly, whether or not a con­ver­sa­tion ensues, with no pur­pose of legit­i­mate con­ver­sa­tion; or

(6) Makes repeated com­mu­ni­ca­tions at incon­ve­nient hours that invade the pri­vacy of another and inter­fere in the use and enjoy­ment of another’s home or pri­vate res­i­dence or other pri­vate property.

Harass­ment is a Class 3 mis­de­meanor.  The excep­tion is where the offender’s intent is based on the victim’s race, color, reli­gion, ances­try, or national ori­gin.  In these instances, the crime is ele­vated to a Class 1 misdemeanor.

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