False Imprisonment Attorneys

In Col­orado, False impris­on­ment is a lesser degree of kid­nap­ping.  It occurs when a per­son know­ingly con­fines or detains another with­out the other’s con­sent and with­out proper legal author­ity.  The law carves out an excep­tion for any peace offi­cer act­ing in good faith within the scope of his or her duties.  C.R.S. § 18–3-303.  False impris­on­ment is a class 2 mis­de­meanor.  How­ever, it will be ele­vated to a class 5 felony if the per­son uses force or threat of force to con­fine or detain the other per­son, and the per­son con­fines or detains the per­son for twelve hours or longer.

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