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Nathan Ford is a Legal Assis­tant with Rathod Mohamedb­hai LLC. He joined the Rathod Mohamedb­hai team in 2017 and has assisted the legal team on cases run­ning the gamut of exces­sive force, to sex­ual harass­ment, to first amend­ment cases. Nathan is flu­ent in three lan­guages other than Eng­lish: Span­ish, Por­tuguese, and French. He is pas­sion­ate about social jus­tice, and has trav­elled widely, both in the United States and inter­na­tion­ally, advo­cat­ing for the empow­er­ment of dif­fer­ent under­served communities.

Nathan grad­u­ated from Grin­nell Col­lege in Iowa in 2017 with a degree in Applied Lin­guis­tics. His research inter­ests at Grin­nell focused on edu­ca­tion rights and the inter­sec­tion of edu­ca­tion, lan­guage, and race in the con­tem­po­rary polit­i­cal world. His senior dis­ser­ta­tion explored how lan­guage shapes our expe­ri­ence of iden­tity and belong­ing in the United States, par­tic­u­larly the expe­ri­ences of immi­grants whose first lan­guage is not always Eng­lish. At Grin­nell, Nathan ded­i­cated much of his free time to sup­port­ing rural immi­grant com­mu­ni­ties in Iowa. He worked in a num­ber of rural com­mu­ni­ties as an Eng­lish as a Sec­ond Lan­guage (ESL) instruc­tor and tutor for chil­dren and adults.

He also rou­tinely vol­un­teered to help con­nect rural migrant work­ers and other immi­grant pop­u­la­tions to pub­lic ser­vices. He helps empower com­mu­ni­ties fre­quently mar­gin­al­ized by their immi­grant status.

Edu­ca­tion is an area that Nathan is par­tic­u­larly pas­sion­ate about. In 2015, he interned abroad with El Cole­gio Ambi­en­tal­ista de Pejibaye, a school in Costa Rica that helps pre­pare high school stu­dents for col­lege. In that capac­ity, he tutored dozens of stu­dents and helped pre­pare them for abrighter future. Also, in 2015, Nathan vol­un­teered with the Inter­na­tional Mis­sion Board and served as a Por­tuguese lan­guage inter­preter and instruc­tor for a com­mu­nity devel­op­ment effort in Niassa, Mozambique.

In 2016, he was instru­men­tal in start­ing an extra-curricular lan­guage learn­ing pro­gram for ele­men­tary school stu­dents in Grin­nell, Iowa. Nathan’s exten­sive work with such dif­fer­ent com­mu­ni­ties on edu­ca­tion and access to pub­lic resources has resulted in unique insight into cul­tural diver­sity. In the future, Nathan intends to study law. With that degree, he plans on con­tin­u­ing his work to pro­tect and empower mar­gin­al­ized peo­ple through a vari­ety of legal and advo­cacy strategies.